The Newsroom, TV Recap

‘The Newsroom’ Season 1, Episode 2, ‘News Night 2.0′: TV Recap

Even though “The Newsroom” mines the recent past for its storylines, hindsight won’t benefit the “News Night” crew every week. Sometimes the best attempts to present multiple sides of an issue fall short. And sometimes doing a professional newscast gets waylaid by romantic immaturity.

With everyone reporting on the BP oil spill, MacKenzie wants to shift focus to SB1070, Arizona’s Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. (HBO and “Newsroom” creator Aaron Sorkin must be rejoicing that this episode coincides with the Supreme Court’s June 25 ruling in the Arizona immigration case.) Anchor Will still wants to lead off with the spill, especially since the show has images of a rig sinking. “We don’t do good television, we do the news,” MacKenzie replies in one of her many noble, passionate statements. Heightening the college-lecture feel of both “News Night” and “The Newsroom,” MacKenzie scribbles several journalistic credos – they form an unsuccessful pneumonic device, IIIA – on a collapsing easel, and staffers raise their hands to ask questions.