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Black Genocide is helped by our Young Black Youth killing each other.

I started doing research on What I was calling Black Genocide which I call Black on Black Killing to find out there is a bigger plan out there. To save a lot of words please watch this report and then comment. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZrot0Z_drs&feature=related – Eugenics Planned parenthood and Black Genocide all have the same goal the elimination of the Black Race.

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Danilo Handlers Response:

Patricia Wiggins, MM • @Maurice, I believe we should continually inform but it is a choice. Maybe we are not presenting the information in a way that those who need to hear will understand what we see and have seen for so long,

Maybe that’s where we should start our conversation, on the future, so we can re-educate and inform about our pass.

BRAVO the best statement so far, i try to do just that on my channel but its the hardest thing to get black people to stop being self-centered and join me on worldwide television and engage in truth conversation, 9 time out of 10 i don’t even hear back from them,

everyone keeps saying (we’ve got to have our own), i do and its the hardest thing to work with our own black entrepreneur and for that manner entertainment artist as well, our people don’t even understand the important of a black person who own a A Digital Entertainment Broadcast Company because its not screaming what they think we should be broadcasting, i an learning to inform, educate, preserve & entertain with no help from our people, and please remember i am an entrepreneur and money must be made in-order to keep this company running (real talk)

The funnest thing is that every other races understand that and wants inclusion so what happen to a fairly young black entrepreneur that has spent 10 years growing a business that was supposed to be For US,BY US, Television is the most important part of delivering information and we want to hold our information in and be selfish and self-centered with each other but share it with these corporate company’s for free, sorry linkedin, you tube, face book, twitter, and we cant get this conversation going on,on a system owned by someone just like you.. that’s the problem (crabs in a barrel) stay blessed….  

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