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    Elections, Olympics and Digital Spending Boost Total Media Ad Gains 

    TV is still the top ad medium

    US total media ad spending will experience a bump in growth this year, rising 4.9% over 2011, largely due to the Olympics and the national election cycle.

    This will bring total ad spending in the country to nearly $166 billion, with continued modest growth projected through 2016, when spending will surpass $189 billion.

    TV will remain the recipient of more advertising dollars through 2016 than any other medium. Revenues will total $64.54 billion this year as TV advertising continues to reach audiences in massive numbers. Digital ad spending will claim the second-largest share of the market at $37.31 billion in 2012.

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    From 2012 to 2016, US digital ad spending’s share will increase from 22.5% to 29.2%. Large brands continue to increase their spending, and small and medium-sized businesses are getting more involved in the space as well. Many marketers regard digital as a more measurable medium than traditional media, and their comfort with online and mobile marketing continues to grow. Digital is also seen as an effective support mechanism for traditional media—especially TV—allowing for a more personal connection with audiences.


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    A Conversation on LINKED IN,p3 Join MH blog, keep the conversation flowing.. 

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    response to my post

    Patricia Wiggins, MM • Wow, Danilo. Your post sounds very angry and frustrated. To some extent I understand why. But is not really fair that you paint everyone with that brush. I believe w all have a part in the solution. Yours is TV, others are on the ground in the trenches working with the kids this original question was about; others are advocates and policy makers. No one way is the right or only way. So you know, I informed someone about you. I don’t know if he will follow through but he knows


    No not angry at all passionate, that’s a part of what we keep forgetting, its time to be passionate

    then we would not worry if a person seems angry, because those that don’t care wont even engage in conversation like this, funny thing is that’s your sentiments is that of most white’s tend to say to young blacks that wants to stand up for something and now we are beginning to used it on each other.


    “others are on the ground in the trenches working with the kids this original question was about;


    Right, but when all is said and done those kids go home and are influenced by TV, asked them to repeat what you asked them the last time the ground troops where in the trenches working at the next meeting, then ask them whens the new Jordan‘s coming out, what is the latest cell phone, who is there favor entertainer, and there is my point proven,when you say working, like what we do is less work then being in your trenches with the kids, wasn’t it you that told the young faith believer to refrain from judging you, but you just did the same thing, oh I guess its better in your delivery.


    I too have worked in the trenches with the kids for over 10 years and traveled America with dare to resist drugs and violence organization and many years on my own through choreography, a teacher is to teach not to be rich, we most learn to play our position and respect others,


    I wanted to be rich and teach, I think you already understand that being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle change and not just something to talk about or rally around and have meetings over, being a child of the Hip Hop generation, we learned to work with anyone that lent a helping hand no matter black or white, drug dealer, drug user, fireman, policeman and or politicians because it was a true movement, and by gaining awareness, money and power all through the power of media we invoked change not only in America but in to the whole world , for the first time in Americas history we have more black semi-millionaires then every before, change comes with many prices but starts with a common denominator.


    News flash the other, advocates and policy makers (politicians) , look for support and get there message and money how by being on TV, building a bigger base of awareness, but when we don’t respect the the positions we were given, then we can’t respect the positions that we have in each other to the chain that binds all of us black people together, we worry about the wrong things when it come to working with each other, that’s a part of why we don’t truly get any where as a group where power really lives, because the ones that so called made it, had to do it with out us.  

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    A Conversation on LINKED IN,p2 Join MH blog, keep the conversation flowing.. 

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    So here is the question, how does this “what” 3 or 4 day discussion bring any of us to the next level of helping! and the bad part, like the brother said (Daniel L) , i have moved forward from my post days ago, 9 contacted me, ending results 2 people both non black and it was not about money just about how to place there content on one of the channels, 

    IF THIS Discussion had faces would it be the same conversation with the same view points, why don’t you turn on your webcams and continue this topic and let the world join the convocation, that’s where help starts. I like when people pretend that the visual way of life is not the most powerful form of delivering information because they have no interest in in delivering information without the prestige of saying its coming from them self, when 90 present of the people in america gain all there information from the american broadcast system, 

    All the same people that you all have mentioned are watching videos on you tube or watching the game on BET, The X Factor ON Fox and again i can go on and on so if you want to help you must enter the platform that people are already on and deliver the information the way they can feel most comfortable with (yo). 

    my point in entering the discussion was to show us all how self centered & selfish 
    even the one that say they understand or sympathize with the mean fact of this discussion helping other come to a new self value, did anyone pool resources to move forward and continue to build on public awareness, is that not how a movement starts, 

    I told everyone what i can bring to the table & the end results non blacks and younger individuals pick up the phone to find out how they can share there message to the world on our network,we get on the average 75 thousands unique views not Hits! a month on our channels so to have 10 (the exact number of people that came from linked in) on the day i posted does not do much for me, so i did not post for promotional purposes,we have a team that does that, 

    I thought i would find some blacks that we could stand on common ground and do something to move forward, that did not happen but i did obtain two fellow Latinos, 3 young white brothers, two singing duos and a russian management company that would like to break into the worldwide & american marketplace, but not one black, WHY!! 

    I have been doing this for over 10 years and before that worked in the entertainment industry, i am not really asking why, because i personalty already know why, but less stop blaming everybody else and start looking at facts, no trust or respect for each other i get high praise for what i do as a black men in america from every other race i come across, very few blacks, ask any rapper that.. get it together black people its time to move forward…. makes no sense at all putting it on the kids, the music, the fashion, when no one wants to really stand up to make the change, again Television is and will be the most important form of information on line or on the broadcasting network systems, that’s why you know all about your favorite (what every it is) but we write about what we need to do and change for blacks in america

    You can’t move forward with people that are really looking for recognition of what they do for us, instead of just doing it, people ask me all the time why they don’t see me on the channel, my reply, ChannelLiveTV is not a show about me, its a channel about urban life style, did any of you know that, nope, did you even take the time to seat back and watch, nope, but i can say each one is probably watching there favorite shows on TV or on You Tube right now!! hood wink and bamboozled, stay blessed

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      Danilo, first of all thanks for being here and thanks for posting this discussion on your website. TV and Radio are forms of media to get the news out to the masses. That is a good thing and with out viewing your TV channel for a while I can not say how effect you have been in working towards stopping the violence or helping the advancement of our youth. I assure you i will check more into. As for past statement ” angry and frustrated “, I have to agree,maybe you didn’t mean to, but it did sound like that. None of the Gentlemen that I know working around the country in their communities for the advancement of our youth are self centered or selfish. These are hard working dedicated people who are trying to make a difference the best way they know how. Media TV or Radio can get the news to the masses , but it can’t have a eye to eye one on one conversation. These youths need mentors…. TV can’t give them that. Many need Father’s who for various reasons are not in the home. So don’t knock those that don’t choose your way. Your way is one of many options available to reaching our youth.

      The point I am trying to make is that we all do the best we can. I chose radio because Blogtalk Radio was within my budget. I reach about 3,500 to 4000 listeners a month airing once a week. I have been working on trying to get a live weekly talk show in Chicago to be able to talk weekly with the people living right their in the community. The problem at the time is sponsors. One hour of air time is not cheap. If you have listen to the show I did on 8 September,

      http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jaysdrivetimeshow/2012/09/08/jays-drive-time-show-saturday-special ,

      Possible the Gentlemen I had on the show would be interested in the type of media coverage that you offer. So email me at info@jayearleymedia4success.com or message me here and I will receive it at the same address. That way we can discuss possibilities and see if there is a basis on which we can work together for a common cause.

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    Using Social Media to Increase Your Search Rank 

    The rules of search have changed. In fact, they change on a daily basis. But never so dramatically has rank been uprooted since the explosion of social media. Social media sites, especially the power houses of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have become backlink central for affecting organic search results.

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    Social media’s influence on driving business via the web is expected to surpass search engine optimization (SEO) in 2013, according to eMarketer. Web marketers and PR professionals must pay attention to how social media affects search, and ultimately how it can change the rules of online visibility and (online) brand engagement. Read More 

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    or Blog hear keep the conversation flowing 

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      Thank you!

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    If Your Going to Watch TV on Your Computer Live or in ‘Real Time’ Use THE BEST Streaming TV, Video Directories & Network TV Channels Finders ONLINE, Welcome to The TV & VIDEO Guide Channel TVandVideoGuide.com Login, NOW!! 

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    The market does not care how long you worked on something or how well you did it. Effort is not rewarded. The market cares only if what you’ve done is a fit for their needs. 


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    This can be a crushing truth, especially for a craftsman. We take our startups very personally, and the more time we invest in them, the more personally we take them. But if we’re serious about turning our venture into something that pays the bills, and grants us freedom, we have to accept and embrace this truth. There is no reward for sticking to something for a long time, if it’s the wrong thing. If it’s the wrong thing, if there is not a market fit, you fail. And unfortunately, there is no correlation between time invested and market fit. Read More  & Join MH Vlog, keep the conversation visual 

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    Growing Role Of Social Media On TV, Radio, Welcome to Media Handlers, A Digital Broadcast Entertainment Company 

    The use of social media continues to expand and evolve in both television and radio, according to the latest findings from the RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey. And stations are getting more and more creative in how they use social media.


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    The internet is now growing up, 9 Non Negotiables Of Social Media For Business… 

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    When using social media for business there are a few things that you should ALWAYS do.  Make them a part of your social business culture, make them non-negotiable.  Here are the things that we think are social media for business MUSTS: Read More


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    The remixes keep on coming! Get into Mariah’s “Triumphant (Get ‘Em) (Pulse Club Mix)“. 

    YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Mariah’s ready to take the rest of 2012, the new single “Triumphant” featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill will officially impact radio August 2nd! The song will be available on iTunes on the 6th and will be released at all other major media outlets a week following!


    Remember when the lead single from a new Mariah Carey album promised not only a work of brilliant pop songcraft, but a guaranteed number one single? I do. That “time” was the entire decade of the ’90s.

    Unfortunately, those days are behind us now. Carey — seemingly shaken in her instincts by an overblown early-millennium dry spell and the embarrassing (if inexplicable) momentum-breaking underperformance of the single-packed E=MC2 — launches each new album with a cravenly trend-chasing slice of hip-pop unworthy of her talents.

    And while she’s in good voice on the song, the Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri-produced track itself is a sad rehash of Carey and Dupri’s past collaboration with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, “Lil’ Love,” which already sounded a little dated in 2008. The fact is, after a PR blitz announcing her new role as a judge on American Idol and the announcement of this single, expectations ran high. Unfortunately, this song is only remarkable for the sheer number of disappointments it manages to cram into one four-minute exercise. All we can do is hope this will turn out, like “Obsessed,” to be a horrendous anomaly in what’s actually a pretty serviceable album.

    Just so we’re clear, unlike many others (including some here at Media Handlers), I’m not mad that Mariah, 42 with a husband and two kids, is still making music for kids half her age. In fact, she holds a special place in my heart for holding true to her love of the genre when, at the lowest point of her career, every critic from here to Biloxi swore the key to her comeback was a return to “Hero”-style balladry.

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