My Night Out ~The Luhv2Live Show -Pizza Bar (Mableton, GA) 

David Morgan host of Luhv2Live & R&B Artist Deaon Forever

David Morgan host of Luhv2Live & R&B Artist Deaon Forever

I went to an event Saturday night that was hosted by The Luhv2Live Show with host David “DecaturRegulator” Morgan and the theme of the evening was “Picture perfect”. In case you’ve never heard of it, The Luhv2Live Show, it is a radio show about relationships that’s edgy, evocative, enlightening, but most importantly, entertaining. The shows are held at various venues around the city.

Saturday night’s show was about how marriages or relationships that appear “picture perfect” are well to be frank, are not! It was very interesting and eye opening to hear the different perspectives from males and females. Those in relationships and singles.  One of  panelist, was a woman who had been married for about 14 years and while everyone looking from the outside in, thought that her marriage was “picture perfect,” turns out, her husband had numerous affairs and two children outside the marriage!  This woman went on to share what was her breaking point and where she is in her life now!

But don’t think that this event was filled with just intense topics and no fun.  That is far from the truth!!





All attendees were given cards that read “believable” and on the other side of the card it read well,  bull…. another word for believable (you can probably guess). There were games, free drinks and a dj!! It was a great time with thought provoking conversation with adults who could agree to disagree and have fun doing it! If you are looking for a fun night out with friends and something different than the clubs you might want to check out The Luhv2Live Show! “Like” them on Facebook for dates & times of the next show!!


That’s my night out! ~*smooches*